Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Know Digital Marketing in 2020

10 months ago

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Know Digital Marketing in 2020

To create a successful business, one has to make sure that marketing exists there. Digital marketing is an essential tool in the modern era of 2020 to build your startup business foundation. Traditional marketing is useful, but digital marketing goes a long way and caters to a vast customer base. Digital technologies reach out to various audiences across the globe, be it from social media, search engines, websites, emails, or content marketing. All of these play a significant role in helping a business grow. 

Digital marketing is popular these days, and a great example would be the Enterprise Applications that are there to increase the productivity of a company and help them become efficient. An Enterprise Software Development Company is where these applications, CRM, and other billing systems help the company more than benefit the customers.


We all know better to set standards for the company to work on, and then think about the customers gaining and retention after that; the underlying architecture of the company matters the most in such situations. 

1- Social media-personalization

Everyone uses social media these days; almost every other person has a Facebook account, and they are scrolling through their newsfeed all day long. Marketing the product on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat will create a sense of familiarity among the customers. They would be more inclined to buy the product when the marketing is taking place in a way they can see that it is meeting their needs. 

With digital marketing, one can target the right audience, too; it can reach people with the interests related to the product. For example, if your product is a perfume, you can target people who frequently buy perfumes or have liked other stores that sell perfumes. In this way, the chances of them becoming potential customers and staying loyal to the brand are more. 

2- Search engines-bring more customers

People search on Google and Bing almost every day, with the help of search engine optimization, one can get their website get more traffic by making it possible for their website to show up when people search for specific keywords. In this way, websites can increase the conversion rate and help earn profits for their company and help to get new customers for their brand.

Several businesses have opened up promoting branding and digital marketing, for example, Branding Agency Dubai, one of the best digital marketing services providers in Dubai. These companies aim to help other businesses gain customers and grow more with the help of digital marketing. 

3- Customer retention

It is not an easy job to retain the customers; one has to make sure that their marketing is appealing so that these customers find it hard to replace their product with a substitute. It is hard to retain loyal customers with traditional marketing; billboards do not cater to the massive base of a potential customer. Digital marketing can reach out to people that are at their homes, and can still order online. 

4- Low-cost budget

For a startup business, it is already considerable investment in setting up the business and getting it registered. When it comes to traditional marketing, it is way too costly; billboards take up too much investment, and the ROI is not a lot compared to digital marketing. With the help of digital marketing, one can invest quite less and enjoy huge ROI from it. That is how one can enjoy the benefits of marketing and that too, without spending a fortune on it.

5- High demand in 2020

All the above reasons were for a business to know digital marketing, but if you do not own a business, and want to pursue digital marketing as a career, it is a great decision! Everything is online all around the world, be it e-commerce stores to online therapy services.

All of these businesses are searching for customers; they cannot reach out to them without showing what they have to offer. It can only be done with the help of digital marketing, and to know the tips and tricks that digital marketers use to target the audience and set keywords. The main idea is to gain expertise in the field to promote the company’s brands and charge them for promotion.