IT, A Business Enabler in Modern Day Business

9 months ago

IT, A Business Enabler in Modern Day Business

We stand on the brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. Now a Fourth Industrial Revolution is building on the Third, the digital revolution that has been occurring since the middle of the last century. It is characterized by a fusion of technologies that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres.

Communication has thus been made fast and more effective through the use of the internet. With the internet, people can now instantly access, emails, video conferencing, VOIP and social media platforms. 

Instant Messengers, Video conferencing apps have enabled companies to communicate virtually with colleagues and clients in different parts of the world. The internet has also made it easier for companies to carry out amplified research through the availability of vast information on the internet. 

New technologies are proving to be a cost-cutting tool having witnessed it in 2020 is testament to that as corporates retrenched millions of employees to depend on IT innovations with the pandemic took its toll on businesses. Furthermore, necessitated by COVID19 restrictions, employees world-over have been working remotely with meetings held virtually- thanks to technology! 

The internet offers a wide reach. Nowadays companies and organizations are using computers, latest software and applications, high-speed internet and IOT for transforming their business from local markets to the international market to compete with a giant with competitors from all around the world.

This has made businesses to grow as they can reach out to the international markets, unlike the old days whereby companies had to wait for newspapers or television advertisements. Companies in Zimbabwe are now also taking advantage of digital marketing services to reach their target market easily in the digital space.

According to a report by Data Reportal, As of January 2020, Zimbabwe recorded 4.81 million internet users which was an increase of +9.4% between 2019 and 2020, 980.0 thousand were people using social media. It is advised that Zimbabwean businesses should now start taking advantage of the internet.

To add on, a variety of products are now available on offer as business people are now getting various products from other countries like China, Dubai, UK and America for example clothing, gadgets to mention a few online. 

Reliable storage is also one of the advantages of new technologies. Some technologies such as Cloud Computing, provide secure and reliable data storage that protect the company’s valuable records while minimizing the need for physical servers upkeep. 

Storage systems such as virtual vaults or cloud storage like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Iron Mountain, and Dropbox can keep company information safe by only allowing certain users within your company to access withdraw add or change the documents. This reduces the potential for hacks and sabotage.

With that being highlighted the only thing the company has to do is to choose the right technology which suits its business category and income.