3 Things to know about your business: Website

10 months ago

3 Things to know about your business: Website

Have you decided to have a website for your business venture? Or maybe you have come up with an idea and you want to build a website for your next big thing.

If you are like most people, you may not know what you need to get started. A lot of people usually avoid worrying about this detail and leave everything to the developers. While that might be not such a bad thing, however, the challenge is they usually end up being charged lots of money, simply because they don’t know what they are paying for. Having a general understanding of what is needed for a website to be online is in most cases, a wiser option.

This article will show what is required from you from the moment you tell a developer that you want them to do a website for you, up to the point when the website is online and accessible to anyone with the link to the website.

1. A Name

Every website needs a name. It needs a way to be uniquely identifiable and distinguishable from any other website for a company that may have a similar company name with yours. The name, technically referred to as a domain name, forms the web address of your website. Typical domain names for a company called Eyetro Digital are eyetrodigital.comeyetrodigital.co.zaeyetrodigital.co.zw, etc.

The domain name is the name that your customers will use to access your website directly. Without a domain name, you are unable to set up a website. And, should I remind you, a domain name must be unique. The process of choosing a domain name is a talk for another day. All you need to know for now is, you should pick a domain name that is not very long, easy to remember, and perhaps, related to the name of your company or what your company does.

The process of getting a domain name involves organizations called Domain registrar. The process of registration and communication is usually handled for you by third-party agents, who act as brokers between you and the domain registrars.

A domain is paid up to the registrars in subscripts, typically, annually. The subscription cost depends on the type of the domain. Domain names that end with ‘.com’ costs range from $2.00USD up to $20.00USD, depending on the Registration agent. International companies like namecheap.comhosting24.comgodaddy.com are generally cheaper than local providers when purchasing domains like .com or .org.

Local domain names that end with .co.zw or .co.za are generally cheaper, with prices ranging from $1.00USD up to $10.00USD, again depending on the Registration agent.

2. Design

After choosing your great domain name, the next thing that is need is the design. This is what we normally refer to as the website. It is what people see when they visit the site. It is what contains the content like images and text that tells a story about your business or your idea. This design is created by your web developer or designer.

To see examples of website designs, visit eyetrodigital.co.za/work.

3. Hosting Server

After your design is complete, your developer will need to store it in a computer that is always connected to the internet at all times, so that whenever anyone visits your web address, your website will be accessible. The process of storing a website design in an ever-accessible computer is called hosting the website, and the computer in which the website is stored is called a hosting server.

Because it is very difficult for an average user or a small company to have computers that are always switched on, all year round, with an active strong internet connection, therefore some companies offer that service for you. These companies are often called Hosting Service Providers.

Generally, hosting charges for a typical website range from $3.00USD to $7.00/month depending on several factors.

These are three basic things that are needed to make your website accessible. Of course, more things will be required to make a website attract a lot of visitors or to appear on search results when visitors search on Google, Bing, or Yahoo. These include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, etc.

If you would like to know more about having a website for your business, how to make your website have more visitors, and how to market your business on Social Media, email us at marketing@eyetrodigital.com.